Hi, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the Indie e-Con kickoff. Welcome to your next stop on the scavenger hunt. I have the immense pleasure of hosting Tammy Lash, and it’s been wonderful getting to know her. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

Hi, Kelsey! Thanks for hosting me on your blog today! Hey, everyone!

Kelsey and I met this week through Indie e-Con. I learned that this super-sweet gal lives in hot and sunny Texas. That’s waaaaaaay far away from the wilds of Michigan’s upper peninsula where I live. My family and I live just minutes away from chilly Lake Superior where SNOW and ICE CHUNKS are still glistening happily on the beaches. I think Kelsey would appreciate this last bit of snow. I don’t mind sharing! What do you say, Kelsey? Join me for snow cones?

The U.P. is a beautiful place to be. My family and I moved to our favorite vacation spot just eleven days ago–so life has been too hectic to enjoy the scenery that inspired my first novel,White Wolf and the Ash Princess. When renovations slow down on our new fixer-upper, I plan on resuming work on the two companion novels to White Wolf, a short story, and a children’s devotional. I love writing Hybrid History. Wait. What is it? Well, it’s a brand new genre–that I made up. I combine romance, adventure, inspiration, steampunk, fantasy (in the form of Native American legends), and I mix it up with historical elements. Want to see what it’s all about? Discover Hybrid History by reading White Wolf and the Ash Princess. It’s waiting for you in paperback or Kindle on Amazon–OR–you can contact me for a signed copy.

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You can follow me on the following social media sites. I’d love to see you! I can make you a snow cone, too…but for a limited time! Our snow pile next to our house is daily shrinking. ;P

Kelsey popping back in to give you some links to follow for the scavenger hunt. You can find my post on Katy Huth Jones’s blog.  To find the all-important first stop on the scavenger hunt, go to Kandi J. Wyatt’s website. And to find the complete list of participants, go here.

 Don’t forget the fantastic giveaway prize package!

Ace Carroway 2-Book Set
3 random ebooks from Indie e-Con authors
Cover Design by Alea Harper
Bookshelf Necklace donated by Rachel Rossano
(Please note that the Ace Carroway Paperbacks and the Bookshelf necklace are US only.)