These photos have been patiently waiting for me to share them since July. A dear friend of mine, Sonja Langford ( is responsible for taking these pictures that, I feel, really capture my personality. 
The impetus was my need for an updated author photo, because my previous one is four years old. But Sonja took such a variety that I had to share more. Don’t you just love that vintage typewriter? That’s a gift from another dear friend!

6 thoughts on “Author Photoshoot

  1. Awk, they're all gorgeous pictures!! <3 I guess I don't usually see your hair out like that — it's really beautiful! The sixth one (closeup with you standing at an angle with the tree just out of frame) looks like an amazing author-pic like you'd find on the back of books. 😀 The typewriter and the scenery and your outfit and YOU are just so gorgeous, especially all together! Where the photos taken near here or somewhere else? Just curious. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ^_^

    • Thank you, Deborah! That's so cool you picked out the close-up one…that's the one I'm going with for my author pic! Aw, you are so sweet!
      The photos were taking on my neighbor's land. Isn't it amazing that we have such beautiful landscapes around here?

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