Author of faith-filled historical and contemporary fiction
for girls and young women.


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Book One of the Six Cousins Series

Every Word, Every Moment Matters…
Join Marielle and her cousins on a mission to win the unknown prize and come out as friends in the end.

Six Cousins, two outlooks, two projects, and a mystery—is there room for friendship? 

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Book Two of the Six Cousins Series

When Marielle and her cousins explore England with friends of their grandparents,  it doesn’t just fulfill a dream; it changes all of their lives.

Marielle’s world expands—along with her challenges.


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The Vintage Jane Austen Series

Jane Austen’s beloved Sense and Sensibility retold.

Canton, Ohio, 1935. Ellen and Marion Dashiell’s world crumbles when their father is sent to prison. Forced to relocate to a small town, what is left of their family faces a new reality where survival overshadows dreams.

reviews from readers


“The characters and the storyline were extremely well established and relatable, and I loved how, while I was able to see the influence of the original book, Bryant did not just write an “1900’s version,” but actually wove a unique plotline, complete with a mystery that is solved by the end of the story. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves Jane Austen, and the early Depression era of American History.”

– Sarah E. Brown,  author and educator



“From the very beginning, I could identify with Marielle and I think most homeschool girls can. … I highly recommend Family Reunion to everyone who enjoys stories that are true to life, faith-building, and stories about homeschoolers.” 

– Sarah Holman, author and blogger