Raised in a house with hundreds of books, I’ve been writing stories ever since I can remember and dreaming of when my books would join the ranks. Now a copyeditor as well, I love helping other writers achieve their dreams.

I draw inspiration for my writing from the Greatest Story Ever Told, which culminates in the Messiah’s salvation offered to every person. My life would be meaningless without my relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). I’m also inspired by the classics, especially the works of my favorite authors Jane Austen, Elizabeth Goudge, L. M. Montgomery, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Louisa May Alcott.

Like some of my fictional characters, I grew up homeschooled and make my home in the Texas Hill Country. I blog at Kelsey’s Notebook and have contributed to Parashah Messiah . As an avid student of the Bible, I’m trying to make Hebrew my second language. To counteract all that time at a desk, I love being active, especially practicing and teaching martial arts and traveling.

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