of you may know I’m a classical music nut. I love music in general,
so I’m thrilled every summer to teach at a music day camp for kids.
This year’s theme just so happened to fit in with the story I’m preparing for
publication (
retelling of the fairy tale “The Bremen Town Musicians”) as it
was Animals, specifically the “Carnival of the Animals” by
Camille Saint-Sa
ëns. This lighthearted orchestral suite, written in
1886, is comprised of fourteen entertaining movements, each depicting
a different animal taking part in a carnival. I’ve loved it since I
was a kid, but teaching about it at the music camp was the first time I actually studied it.

you haven’t heard this fun, fast-paced piece, give it a listen and
let me know which movement is your favorite! Mine are 1) Aquarium
(which sounds similar to the prologue from
Beauty and the Beast
2) Fossils (that iconic xylophone piece that sounds like dancing
bones); and 3) Swan (probably the most recognizable movement from the

music have you been listening to and loving recently?
Photos of Music Camp

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